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Teams will play 3 random games in the round robin – at the end of the round robin, teams will be re-ranked from top to bottom (based on number of teams in division). Every team is guaranteed 1 playoff game (Sunday morning).
All teams should have 2 sets of jerseys available – one white and one dark, unless arrangements can be made by both teams prior to the game. Please ensure each player has their own #.
All players must wear a CSA approved helmet at all times. Wearing at least a half visor is mandatory.
Import Rule:
Each team is allowed 2 non- South East Asian players. We trust that captains will select players using the honor system, and inform us appropriately of their teams imports.
Conflict Resolution:
All conflicts, disputes or concerns are subject to the discretion of the Event Co-Ordinator(s). If there is a question in terms of rules, the AHC will default to the rules of the ASHL.

Game Rules — Round Robin

Games shall consist of 3 periods. 1st period is 12 minutes, and the 2nd and 3rd periods are 10 minutes each.

  • Teams are allotted a 5 minute grace period at the beginning of the game
  • All teams must have 6 players on the ice in order to start play


Teams are awarded 2 points for a win and 0 points for a loss in regulation.

A tied game after regulation will result in each team being awarded a point. The game will then be decided by a 3 minute (3 on 3) overtime, followed by a sudden death shootout if needed. The winner will receive a 2nd point.


At the conclusion of round robin play, teams will be ranked within their division. In the event of a tie, the following formula will be used.

  1. The team with higher goals for and against shall place higher - (the highest +/- given out per game will be +/- 5) - this will hopefully prevent running up the score.
  2. If still tied, team with least total penalty minutes shall place higher.
  3. if still tied - team with more wins would shall place higher.
  4. if still tied - team with least amount of goal scored against shall place higher.

Off-Sides and Icings

The center red line does not exist for the purpose of off-side passes. Automatic Icings will be called. Reminder – an icing will be negated if the goalie makes a move to play with puck.


Players assessed 3 minor penalties in the same game shall automatically be ejected from that game. Any player getting a major and a minor will be ejected from the game.

For the safety of all participants, there will be zero tolerance for any of the following: fighting and intent to injure (eg. spearing, swinging the stick as a weapon etc.) It will be at the discretion of the referees to make all penalty calls. Anyone involved in the above will be suspended from the duration of the Tournament without refund.

If a suspension occurs in the final game for a team, the suspension will carry forward to the following year.

Playoff Eligibility

  • Each player must be registered and have signed a waiver form before they step onto the ice.
  • Players can only be registered to one team, and cannot play for any other team.
  • Any player caught attempting to play for another team, will be suspended for their team's next game.
  • Any team caught attempting to use an ineligible player will default their game.
  • If a player or team is suspended, or default's their final game, this will carry forward to next year's event.
  • Each player must be on the team's roster sheet and play at least one round robin game to be eligible to play in the playoffs – while staying within the guidelines of the import rule.

Run Time

During the 3rd period, if there is a 5 goal difference, for the last 5 minutes, the clock will run and will not stop if the whistle is blown. The clock will stop again if the score comes within a 4 goal differential.