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Asian Hockey Championship and Cultural Event Media Fact Sheet

AHC & CE Partners with JCCC

The AHC & CE is partnering with the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre to raise money for the Japanese Earthquake Relief Fund.

You can read more about the Japanese Earthquake Relief Fund here.

History and Expansion:

The Asian Hockey Championship began in 1989, when a group of male friends got together to play a fun four team tournament.

Today the face of the tournament has evolved to:

  • 45 teams and 700 players; including women's and children's divisions.
  • Include an entertainment and cultural portion
  • Include a rink dedicated solely to community activities such as hockey lessons and free skates.

In 2006, the Mayhem Dragons were the first female team to join the tournament breaking the men's only mold. In 2007 a 4 team Women's Division was added.

In 2008 a Children's Division consisting of 6 teams was added. In 2011 the Children's Division expanded to 8 teams and is composed of children aged 6 to 15 of various playing levels.

We have had participation from teams in other provinces (Qubec, Manitabo) and interest from China, USA and Japan.

We are represented by players that have played AHL, OHL, European hockey, Junior and AAA

Growth of the Tournament:

  • 2003 – 8 teams and 120 players
  • 2004 – 16 teams and 240 players
  • 2005 – 20 teams and 300 players
  • 2006 – 24 teams and 360 players
  • 2007 – 30 teams and 450 players
  • 2008 – 40 teams and 600 players
  • 2011 – 45 teams and 700 players

Cultural Event:

The event is not just a tournament for the players, but an experience for family, friends and the community.

Entertainment Portion of the Event:

  • Martial Arts Demonstration
  • Tai Chi Demonstration
  • Taiko Drumming
  • Japanese Traditional Dance
  • Chinese Brush Painting
  • Figure Skating Clinic
  • Toronto Maple Leaf Mobile Fan Zone
  • Toronto Marlies
  • Cultural Arts and Crafts
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Family Skate

The organizers like to show their commitment to the community. Some of the causes that we have donated to are:

  • Canadian Cancer Society
  • Parkinson's Society Canada
  • Used hockey equipment to charity.