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29th Asian Hockey Championship

May 18 - 20, 2018

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The Christmas Cup

Watch China compete in the Christmas Cup. See links below.

Congratulations to the 2017 Asian Hockey Champions

  • 08/09 Children - Black Horse
  • 06/07 Children - Red Rooster
  • 05 Children - Asian Fusion
  • 04 Children - Bun Team
  • Lower Intermediate - Just Ask Sammy
  • Upper Intermediate - War Siu Guys
  • Recreational Women - Wabi Sabis
  • Competitive Women - Kimchi Killers
  • Upper Entry - Red Horse
  • Lower Entry - Bamboo Railers
  • Lower Entry 35+ - Sir Racha and the Mighty Roosters
  • Competitive Men - Arashi Junior
  • Upper Recreational - Made in Kariya
  • Lower Recreational - Dragoons

Welcome to the 2017 International Asian Hockey Championship Event

Special Events

On top of our already packed roster of games we're also going to have fan favourite, Skills Competition, and newcomer Masters' Shinny this year. Get a jump on everyone and sign-up now.

Messages from Dignitaries

We are pleased once again to receive well wishes from all levels of Canada's government.

We look forward to seeing all our friends from all over the world who share the bonds of friendship, fun and of!

Our event runs May 19th - 21st, 2017 (May long weekend). Our event is hosted at York University out of the York Canlan Icesports. We have 6 rinks (including an Olympic size rink), and we play out of Toronto, Ontario. Early Registration is open now, and please contact us via Facebook or by emailing Asian Hockey Championship

  • Early Registration - $975 per team by March 20th
  • Regular Registration - $1200 per team by April 20th

4 guaranteed games - with very tight divisions in terms of skill. Last year, our event hosted 54 teams - which included a 9 Men's Division, 2 Women's Division, and 2 Children's Division.

thanks all, AHC

Children's Divisions

The following age breakdowns will be available for the 2017 children's teams.

  • 02-03
  • 04 AA
  • 05 AA
  • 06 AA
  • 07 AA
  • 08-09 AA
  • 10-11 Select

2016 AHC Winners

Congratulations to all of our 2016 winners:

  • Senior Children - Har Gows
  • Junior Children - Bulgogis
  • Lower Intermediate - Smartchoice Optical Whalers
  • Upper Intermediate - Peking Puck Dynasty
  • Recreational Women - Lady Ninja Pandas
  • Competitive Women - Kimchi Killers
  • Upper Entry - Pac Man Hockey
  • Lower Entry - Sir Racha and the Mighty Roosters
  • Competitive Men- KP Bears
  • Upper Recreational - War Siu Guys
  • Lower Recreational - Ninja Pandas

Skills Competition

Team Event

  1. Blue
  2. Red/Yellow (tie)
  3. Green

Player Events

Colour Junior Senior
Blue Alexander Anagnostopoulos Mattias Kim
Yellow Noah Chang Alan You
Red Kyle Chang Reece Furtado
Green Moi Moi Luu Vaughn Koshida/Andrew Mao